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Sunday, August 08, 2004

road trip - day one

the shoe recently made a road trip to visit some buddies in omaha. not known as one of americans best vacation spots, we had a great time anyway. the shoe flew into kc and met his best bud. he picked the shoe up in a corvette he borrowed from a buddy of his and we drove to omaha to hook up with another bud. what a blast! after we arrived we had a couple of cold one's and then headed downtown. we started out at billy frogg's. billy frogg's is an old favorite...the shoe used to live in omaha. nice pub atmosphere with good food and large breasted waitresses. after a couple of beers we decided it was time to eat. we ended up eating dinner at michael's in the market...mediocre mexican grub, mediocre service, but the margaritas were awesome. we had some food and a pitcher of magaritas and headed out for fun. things are a bit fuzzy after that, but the shoe and his buds eventually ended up at bar 415...it was a nice place, but empty except for one person, who my friend just had to meet. her name was frank. she said she knew a better place up the street and she took us to the 1507 ultra lounge. the 1507 was sorta industrial/vogue. the shoe's most vivid memory of 1507...flatscreen tv's in each of the bathrooms. there were three or four separate bathrooms...no piss troughs in this place. another interesting thing about the bathrooms was that each had a frosted glass door so you could kinda make out what the person on the other side of the glass was doing...a bit unsettling, but cool at the same time. anyway, a very sexy waitress served us amstel while we watched my friend stick his tongue down frank's throat for a while and then we called it a night. did you know the bars in omaha close at 1 a.m.? now you know.

day two -

despite the fact we didn't crash until two or three in the morning, we were up early ready to start a fresh day of fun. today was golf day. a couple of bloody mary's for breakfast is the only way to start a day of golf...especially if you suck as badly as the shoe. the shoe usually golfs in the 70s but it was a beautiful day and by tee time it was about 80 (that's an old one). my friends are the real golfers and they played for a buck a hole. golf was uneventful except for the apartment complex that was along the right hand side of the 11th fareway. the shoe is known to have sliced a ball now and again... after golf we headed home to clean up and headed back to the old market. first stop was the upstream...great beer (a lot of microbrews), great food, great service. the shoe highly recommends you eat at the upstream next time you're in omaha. after dinner we went to the underground (under the french cafe) for martinis. the underground usually has a pretty young crowd and it gets really crowded but its a nice place and the service was great. we got there early enough to grab a spot at the small bar and the waitress made a nice dry martini. after martini's we went to the dubliner. the dubliner is another underground bar...just look for the sign. the dubliner has a nice long bar and they make great black and tans. we had several (as in many). there's typically a folk band on the weekends and there will be a cover charge. there's also typically hot chicks listening to the folk music on the weekends. the shoe highly recommends you check out the hot chicks listening to folk music at the dubliner on the weekends. we left the dubliner (god knows why) and went to some night club that SUCKED! then we went home.