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Friday, September 12, 2003

shoe thinks the rental car industry should be held responsibile for leading the public to believe they are actually going to get the vehicle they reserved. the shoe recently went on a buisness trip and reserved a ford fusion. when he got to the counter they didn't have a ford fusion but offered him a renault kangoo. the shoe was sharing the ride with a f-15c pilot. the shoe got a lot of shit.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

feeling depprived?

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ok...this is now a "no-depp" site. after today (unless johnny apologizes) there will be no mention of, discussion about, or pictures of mr. johnny depp. why? cause it's the shoe's web site and shoe says so. depp is obviously completely ignorant about what our country really stands for. the shoe fully supports his freedom to say what he likes and express his opinion...but johnny, at least come back long enough to sell all your shit and pack what ever is left over so you can take it with you! the french are beautiful people and will love you no matter what. enjoy your stay there and make movies or do theater over there...you'll be very happy. once you pull your head out of your ass and apologize for what you said about america, the shoe will gladly remove the "no-depp" ban from his website.

shoe could go on and on about what america is about but let's get swiftly to the point that bugs johnny:

it has always been (and will hopefully always be) american policy to use all of the elements of national power to spread and preserve freedom. it is a reality (not some hollywood made up shit) that sometimes people have to die to realize that goal. wouldn't it be wonderful if america could knock on someones door and say "hi, would you please stop killing your people and starving them to death?", and then they would....wow, that would be great. unfortunately johnny, in the real world, that doesn't happen. don't think the shoe doesn't realize that there are benefits for america to liberate a nation full of oil versus one that isn't...that would be naive. but ya gotta have oil to keep the machine rolling baby! one country at a time my good man...and we'll get there.

freedom johnny...that's what it's all about. sad that even the shoe, as enlightened as he is, really can't truly appreciate freedom since, having been born in america, he's always had it . thank god for the french...were it not for them, americans wouldn't know freedom like they do. maybe it's a good thing you're there johnny...maybe the french will teach you something.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

shoe's been following the whole music industry vs. music consumer story...you know the stuff about how the recording industry is taking fans to court for "stealing" from the music "artists" by downloading pirated songs over the internet by using software like kazaa and shit like that. you have got to be fucking kidding the shoe! these so called "artists" are showing their true colors. what about all the fucking albums and cds the shoe bought over the years that only had one song that was worth fucking listening to? the shoe has over 200 cds with no more than 300 songs worthy of being call "art". the shoe wants a fucking refund on all the songs that suck! for years the music industry has been forcing shoe to buy music that he didn't want but had to because it was bundled with the good stuff. the music industry can't do that...fuck, microsoft can't bundle shit together anymore because that would be forcing people to buy shit they don't want...people all over the planet are screwing themselves into the ceiling because of that! if the music "artists" are truly concerned about their "art" and their fans, they'll figure out a way to sell songs by-the-song. maybe then they'll start producing something worth fucking listening to and there won't be so much crap clogging up the internet! shoe says "get with the program music industry fucking don't-care-about-the-fans artists"...the planet is evolving. do the shoe a favor and write a song worth listening to about it, and then sell it on the internet for a $1

find out what the riaa is doing for you at recording industry association of america

Monday, September 01, 2003

shoe went golfing the other day and got a 72. he used to golf in the 90's but since the turn of the century...well, you know. oh, by the way, shoe was golfing in a best ball tournament but his team did use some of his shots so he still feels good about the whole thing. he ended up winning a prize..well actually he bought himself a gift...a cool golf bag pencil holder. some day somebody will notice it sitting on his desk a ask "hey, are you a golfer?", and he'll say "damn straight", even though he really does suck at golf. shoe's best score ever is 98...he's gettin' there

did you know that shoe has 5 kids? well now you know. anyway, shoe went shopping for some furniture cause he hasn't got enough with all those kids right, so he needs more. furniture is friggin' expensive! you know how the furniture business stays in business...by making shitty furniture! shoe thinks that sucks! fuck it, shoe's making his own furniture from now on.

hey have you ever heard of sven bonnichsen? neither has the shoe...but he's got some interesting ideas about the relationship between adults and youth at this url.