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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

the shoe has been doing a little independent research on the current democratic hopefuls.....scary shit. now the shoe knows that politics is politics and any good politician will do what he/she has to do to win votes....but damn. check out this article (obviously biased but if it's accurate....)

clicky clicky

now, as the shoe was saying, politics is politics, but at least have the common fucking courtesy to have just a little bit of integrity and actually say what you believe in and then stick to it. is that to much to ask? how stupid do you have to be? these days any friggin' word that leaves your mouth or anything you write is recorded so it can be used against you the next time you open your mouth. hey, anyone can change their mind...that's a basic human right as for as the shoe is concerned. but if that's the case please admit you were wrong, stupid, drunk, ignorant, etc. don't try to explain to the shoe what you 'meant' to say or make up some bullshit like "if you take it in the context that..." pa-fuckin'-lease! the shoe wants all politicians to raise their right hand and say the following:

i [state your name] promise not to waffle. i swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth anytime i'm conducting official business in the interest of my constituents. if i change my position on an issue, i promise to notify my constituents and explain in detail why i am changing my position. and if the issue is contrary to the interests of my constituents i will personally apologize to each of them and offer to step down from office upon the conclusion of my term of office. further, i promise not to smear my opponents at any time. i promise to focus on the real issues of jobs, drugs, terrorism, etc. i will forgive my opponents for their transgressions when they were teenagers but will now hold them and myself to the highest standards of integrity. so help me god, amen.

well it's something to work with anyway.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

ok...it looks like kerry and bush are gonna square off in november. from what the shoe's observed, this is going to be a very confusing race for president. the shoe can make things easy for you...consider your vote as a vote for commander-in-chief of the armed forces. that may not have made it any easier for you if you're not in tune with american foreign policy...for the ignorant head-in-the-sand types out there, the shoe will clarify a bit. american foreign policy is (as it should be): take over the world. ok...now, who do you want leading us there...to the new world order? here's john kerry's foreign policy statement :

“americans deserve a principled diplomacy...backed by undoubted military might...based on enlightened self-interest, not the zero-sum logic of power politics...a diplomacy that commits america to lead the world toward liberty and prosperity. a bold progressive internationalism that focuses not just on the immediate and imminent, but insidious dangers that can mount over the next years and decade, dangers that span the spectrum from the denial of democracy, to destructive weapons, endemic poverty and epidemic disease. these are not just issues of international order, but vital issues of our own national security.”

doesn't that sound nice? well, his policy might work if everyone in the world loved us but they don't...in fact they all friggin hate us! and we're not gonna make friends if we quit blowing them up. it'll just take pressure off them so they have time to figure out better ways to fuck with us. sorry, but the shoe isn't willing to sacrifice the american way of life so other countries think we're nice...you all know what happens to nice guys.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

the shoe can't keep up with all the political shit going on these days...spin or no spin the shoe doesn't really give a shit what anyone else thinks...the shoe has his own opinion....but for those of you that don't know what to think the shoe has one piece of advise...pull your head out dumbass! read read read! don't trust your gut on this shit...you need to know the issues and make a decision how where you stand. and don't even think about telling the shoe you're not going to vote because you're not interested in politics or some lame shit like that. don't be a sheep. ok...now, just to get you started the shoe has compliled a short list of websites for you...it'll be updated as the shoe finds more things to add. there aren't many moderate sites on the web...nobody wants to read that shit so what you'll find below is mostly way right or ultra loony fucked-in-the-head left...happy surfing.