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Saturday, August 23, 2003

here are some domain names that nobody owns:








babesicle.com (i can't believe this one)


Sunday, August 17, 2003

thank god the football (soccer) season is starting...shoe needs his fix! he's also glad football season is starting in the states (go vikings!) they sucked so bad last year! shoe doesn't even know why he's a vikings fan...he's never lived anywhere near minnesota. he thinks he became a fan when he was a kid because he liked the uniform. being a military brat he never really lived anywhere long enough to become a real fan of any team. he's getting tierd of moving around and looking forward to the day when he can settle down and live in one place for more than 5 years. here's some of the places shoe has lived:

chicago, illinois

waukegan, illinois

huntington beach, california

monrovia, liberia

new york, new york

north conway, new hampshire

tacoma, washington

zweibrueken, germany

victorville, california

york, virginia

osan, south korea

bellevue, nebraska

ramstein, germany

newmarket, england

damn tierd he is. in november he'll be moving to york, virginia (again), and he'll be there at least two years and then hopefully only two more moves after that and he'll settle down (for a while).

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

shoe is considering doing away with the traditional iamtheshoe.com site and making this his homepage. he likes being able to easily update the site from anywhere and he has enough control to give it the look and feel he wants. he's normally not at a loss for the written word but when ever he gets ready to update this blog he can't think of anything that any of you would find particularly interesting. he could write about work, or world politics, or sport. he could share some more of his poetry...if only he had written any. he's not feeling very passionate about anything right now so guess he'll leave it at that for tonight. somebody help the shoe! give him a topic to discuss with himself! here is a link for the day clicky clicky.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

shoe has read a lot about probabilities and base everything he does in life based upon the numbers. for example, if he read that there was a 95% probability that he would die if he hit myself in the head with a hatchet, he wouldn't hit himself in the head with a hatchet. get it? anyway, he's come up with some of probabilities based upon his observations and experiances throughout life. he will add to this list over time....

probability that:

if you drop a cracker with peanut butter on one side it will land with the peanut butter side down

linolium floor: 62%
any rug: 100%

if you walk barefoot outside you will be stung by a bee between the middle toe and ring toe


if you stare directly into the sun at midday you will loose your sight momentarily


having bought ice cream yesterday you will be able to get a bowl of ice cream after dinner today


as soon as you start adding new blogger posts the baby wakes up