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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


i am drinking vodka...having some interesting ideas...thinking "outside the box"...or perhaps just "inside the bottle"...

have you ever tried chocolate flavored vodka? i bought a mini bottle of it today...

i am not a vodka connoisseur...but i've tried a few. my favorite is probably stoli, but i haven't tasted some of the top self brands like grey goose or belvedere. absolut is quite good for mixed drinks. the first time i tried stoli was in east germany. i bought a bottle of plain and a bottle of lemon flavored (i think) stoli from a shop while on a tour before the wall came down. i've seen a few ads for potato vodka lately. i've tried a couple and think they're ok...i'm sure i haven't tried the best though and i hear chopin is the best vodka you can drink. i had an interesting vodka from poland once that was flavored with bison grass called zubrówka...it was quite tasty. apparently it's fabled to be an aphrodisiac. i don't know if that's true but i have 5 kids so there might be something to it. anyway, i highly recommend you try it if you're a vodka drinker.

do not do shots of vodka unless it is a premium brand and ice cold. seagrams, popov, and smirnoff are not premium brands. i wouldn't recommend doing shots of absolut, three olives, or skyy either. start your shot experience with stoli, then move up the chain towards chopin (though i can't really verify it's the best because i haven't tried it).

ok...i need another drink


  • At 8:20 PM, Blogger zanko said…

    You should really check out Ikon True Russian Vodka. You can do shots of it at room temp. It is also half the price of super premiums and it can out perform them


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