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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

this installment: car problems

ok...if it's not one thing it's another. i have a 1992 volvo 740 turbo. that might sound impressive to some of you, but the tin bucket has 188k miles on it and it shows. but, it's running well enough to get me to the liquor store and back so i still drive it. about three weeks ago i decided to install a cd player and some speakers since all it had was a radio/cassette and i haven't made a tape in ten years. well i spent 10 years doing avionics maintainence and figured i could handle a simple cd player installation...so i jumped right in.

i started by tearing out the old radio and cutting the connector off the wire bundle (after i took some voltage measurements of course). screw wiring harnesses...besides, i found out after the fact there is no wiring harness for the oem radio. well long story short, i got the new cd player hooked up and it worked great...but now my headlights didn't work. that's right, my headlights didn't work. that just didn't make any sense to me.

i did have a few wires left over after i hooked up the new cd player, but surely, none of them could possibly be connected to the headlights. i scoured the internet trying to find a wiring diagram but to no avail. i went to the library...no luck. i even talked to some dudes that said they were car audio experts...nothing. well in turns out, after much troubleshooting that two of the wires left over went to the same pin on the original connector (basically spliced together) and i finally figured that out after i looked at the back of the connector that i cut off. i felt like such a frickin' idiot when i finally figured it out...damn i'm dumb.

well now let me tell you what i discovered with my most recent problem...the one that caused all the smoke from under the hood. i crawled under the car and found that oil was leaking from around the oil filter. also, the last guy that changed the oil left the freakin' oil filter wrench on the filter! what a fucking idiot. i guess it must have worn a hole in the filter and oil started squirting out all over the place. i tried to change the filter myself but couldn't get the damn filter off. i even tried punching a hole through it with a screwdriver and still couldn't get it to budge. i finally gave up and had it towed to a repair shop. next time you have a similar problem don't be so quick to punch a hole in your oil filter...by doing so i basically disabled my car. had i not done that i probably could have driven it to a repair shop...lesson learned.

please say a prayer for me that my car doesn't have any more problems for a while.


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