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Sunday, January 15, 2006

what a completely disappointing weekend of football. 2 of 3 of my teams lost! At least the seahawks are still alive. in case you were wondering my other teams were the patriots and colts. despite playing like crap, both teams were within striking distance until the very end...well i guess there's always next year.

other stuff: i recent purchased computers for the kids, a laptop for the wife and a wireless network to tie it all together. it's been working fairly well but the internet connection keeps dropping off...a bit frustrating but i actually have fun trying to figure out these type of problems.

more: my stupid car almost caught on fire today. apparently i have some oil leaking and it got on the engine block. i didn't notice anyting until i pulled up to a stop light and smoke started billowing out from under the hood. a guy pulled up next to me and said "dude, your car is about to go up in flames"...that frazzled me a little so i pulled into a gas station (away from the pumps mind you) and let it cool down for about 45 mins. then i drove it home without incident. tomorrow i'll be spending some time under my car.

last thing:
stupidest program on tv (that i'm aware of): skating with the stars, or maybe wife swap, or maybe mtv's next, or ...
best program on tv: uuuuhhh....


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