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Saturday, January 28, 2006

iamtheshoe muse

i just created a new website for my real life work ego...it's called iamthechief. Click here to check it out. i plan to make this a repository for stuff that i dream up while i'm at work. i also added a php bulletin board to begin some forums on issues the troops might like to discuss. since i put my stripe on i've been exposed to new levels of good and bad. on the good side, new doors have opened to make me more effective as a leader. i've also been exposed to some challenges that will help me grow personally and professionally. on the bad side, i'm exposed to upper levels of bullshit that drive me out of my frickin' mind. hopefully as i develop my skills i'll learn how to deal with the bullshit appropriately...right now i just want to punch people in the face.


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